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Rustic home decor in deepest Småland

We are a small family business in darkest Sweden with a passion for rustic decor. We have furnished homes and houses with carefully selected decor since 2017. We do not follow trends but prefer a classic style with genuine charm. Things that resist the tooth of time and have genuine heart and soul.

Team Willekulla

  • Kim Hartman Willekulla



    Idea guy. Responsible for marketing and for lifting really heavy stuff.

  • lina-team



    Born in a home décor shop. Knows everything about our products and the color white.

  • vilde-team-willekulla



    Natural born troublemaker. A master of keeping the team on their toes when needed.

  • teah-team-willekulla



    Bilingual customer rep that loves to help people. Strong personality.

Natural, simple and genuine

I have always been fascinated by country style decor. The raw, simple and authentic has a very special place in my countryside heart. Always had, and always will have.

Willekulla is a collection of decor that I have in my own home. Everything follows a red thread that ties my house together into a home. Every pot, pillow and shelf interact with each other. Both visually and functionally.

And that is exactly my purpose for Willekulla. To help you find your own red thread.

It all started with a house

The idea of Willekulla was born in the forests of Småland, Sweden, during the latter part of 2015. My house from 1839 was finally ready, renovated to perfection. But an emptiness began to bubble in my stomach. Now what? I had spent six years of my life planning, designing and building my house on the countryside. I needed a new challenge.

In 2016 I packed my bags and set off on the biggest adventure of my life. In November 2017, I opened the doors to Willekulla in central Berlin and three months later our online shop was launched.

In 2019 I returned home to Sweden to continue Willekulla’s escapades at home ground. Scandinavian country style decor belongs in Scandinavia. And so do I.

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