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Tooth Fairy Big Brother Mouse | Maileg


The Maileg tooth fairy has two passions – to make children happy and to polish his excellent collection of teeth that stands pride in his shelf at home in Maustria.

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It all started when he was a little mouse back in Berlin close to Cheesepoint Charlie. He used to peek over the giant cheese wall, curious to see what was on the other side. One day he lost his grip and fell handless to the ground. When he looked up, his teeth were shattered all over the street. From that day, he is obsessed with teeth. He has made it his mission to collect as many as he possibly can during his life to compensate for the ones he lost. However, it can seem a bit weird with a mouse collecting teeth. Therefore his friend princess Rose sewed a beautiful golden hat for him. He created a magic wand and became the legendary tooth fairy – the mouse that makes children have sweet dreams all over the world.


Height12 cm

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