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Wedding Mice with Beautiful Box | Maileg

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The Maileg wedding mice are the sweethearts that finally took their love to the next level. For years, their parents nagged them about marriage. Their fathers planned fishing trips together, and their mothers met once a week to sew tiny clothes for the baby they were longing for. However, the wedding mice wanted to get married on their terms. Without the pressure and directives from their well-meaning but annoying parents. So one early morning, while the moon was still up and the breakfast cheese was still in the fridges, they sneaked out and went up to a high mountain. At the top of a high plateau was a small cabin, and in the small cabin lived an old mouse that was blind. The old blind mouse, who was a priest, married them with the stars as witnesses and the mice went on honeymoon to a little floral wardrobe at the foot of the mountain. Every night they went into the closet and looked up towards the stars that had been their witnesses. Moreover, they liked it so much that they stayed there ever since. The only time they leave their mountain is when they’re visiting their good friend, the tooth fairy.

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Height15 cm

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